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The Spring 2017 BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrant application period is now open.

Click here to start the application. The online application system will not let you save your progress, so we recommend that you type the information into a Word document and then copy and paste it over to the online form when you are ready to submit the application.

The Spring 2017 grant cycle will be open from January 10 until February 24 at 4:30 p.m.

Please note: applications are now online forms only. The proposals still follow the same format as previous years, which you may find here. However, all applications must be submitted online. 

635848454912183339--MG-0103The BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrants offer funding for teachers who demonstrate innovation in the classroom by teaching concepts beyond the core curriculum and promote meaningful learning. Nissan’s generous investment in the future of Rutherford County allows the BEP Foundation to offer grants to public school teachers from the Murfreesboro City and Rutherford County school systems. According to an MTSU study, the average BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrant impacts 417 students in Rutherford County. Minigrants are awarded twice annually with grant applications open in January and September.

Hear what the students of Homer Pittard have to say about their recent BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrant funded projects. Special thanks to Dr. Agee for sharing their experiences with us!

What other projects has the BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrants funded? Check out the other examples below!

Josh Hoevelmann’s classes at Stewarts Creek High School gleaned the basics of soldering as they learned how to prepare and complete full cable assembly of audio cables.


Web Hutchings gave his Oakland Middle School students hands-on experience with robotics.


Sarah Dickerson was able to provide LaVergne High School students with sustainable agriculture education for years to come.

Christina Hurt from Siegel High School did a project with her students called, “What’s in Your Water? An Analysis of the Stones River.” Learn more about the specific information covered by viewing her minigrant evaluation.


Looking for a specific document related to the BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrants?


Fall 2016 Accountability of Property – Word Doc.

Fall 2016 Accountability of Property – PDF

Fall 2016 Evaluation Form – Word Doc.

Fall 2016 Evaluation Form – PDF

DUE: Spring 2016 Evaluation Form – Word Doc.

DUE: Spring 2016 Evaluation Form – PDF



“My students have benefited greatly from the BEP Foundation’s grants and programs. We are so fortunate to have this excellent resource in our community.”

Luke Dickerson, Murfreesboro City Teacher

“I support BEP’s initiatives to help prepare students for the future. Our children have personally benefited from the BEP Nissan Teacher Minigrant Awards their teachers have won, and we have seen firsthand the value of showing students real-world examples of their classroom lessons.”

Tara Stone

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